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Universities replacing creativity and free-thought with social justice

By Linda Hafer

Several years ago, I applied to a Masters program in the “helping professions” at one of the area Catholic universities. I made it through the application and acceptance process with relative ease.

During the interview process, I asked about the Bias Reporting policy, as this had lit up my radar like “Wash Out’s” sneeze in the movie Hot Shots. As I have some Norwegian roots, I asked whether or not it would be a problem if I told a Norwegian joke (there are some good ones!). It was strongly discouraged. What?!! No jokes?? The Bias Reporting Policy was very repressive—virtually Leninesque. It was strongly encouraged that anyone who simply WITNESSED “bias” occurring (by “one’s own subjective” definition!) should report it as soon as possible.

I was uncomfortable already with the bias reporting, but after being accepted, I registered for two classes, subsequently reading through all of the course descriptions and some of the syllabi of my degree program. I was very surprised to see that 9 out of the 14 classes listed had specific references to a multicultural or a social justice emphasis. I expected this to be addressed in a couple of classes, but definitely not in most of them.

Then there was the syllabus for childhood development, which had virtually nothing in it relating to the generally accepted, scientifically derived developmental processes that we humans experience. It was, rather, a subjective “project,” that required us to create a hypothetical life for an individual, and then collect significant objects (placed in a special box!) that would be (hypothetically) meaningful to this person. We would then present the life story, with the special objects, to the class. Perhaps it is a testament of my bias towards higher education, but when I read this, I was floored—at first. Then I laughed, in the true spirit of individual expression. In my warped sense of humor, I saw this as a studied lesson in psychosis! Having witnessed this in real people—in their REAL lives—I can guarantee that it benefits no one!

The Multicultural emphasis (indoctrination?) of the degree (rather than the science of mental health) was troubling enough for me, but the bias reporting was the nail in the coffin lid. I felt like I was standing on the precipice of a huge whack-a-mole game! Worst of all, an entire investigation could come down on a student based only on a PERCEPTION of bias. How in the name of rational thought does that make sense! On a hot day, I may be walking with a friend, feeling constipated and frowning in discomfort, while lamenting my own skin color because I sunburn easily; but someone walking past me might hear only a negative comment about “skin color,” take note of my frown… and report me for bias!

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Because I knew of the Marxist roots of Multiculturalism, and its monstrous wart called Political Correctness—with what I now label its university corollary: “Bias Reporting!”—there was no way in Purgatory I was going to subject myself to this. The United States was built upon freedom of the individual—including thought and expression!—and because there used to be a generally accepted morality based upon presupposed universal truths, and it worked. People were still capable of being idiots, criminals and politicians (often the required trifecta for political life!); but when honor, integrity, respect, charity, honesty and hard work—among other virtues—permeated every element of society and were considered the basis for acceptable societal deportment, people simply respected each other because it was the right thing to do.

Of course, now that Universal Truth has been ousted from the playing field, the entire world has embraced and legitimized the group/culture-based morality/experience. Without any assumed Universals, all cultures are deemed equal (a blatant falsehood for anyone with functioning eyeballs); and with an evolutionary overlay rooted in “survival of the fittest,” we are walking the downward path to anarchy. Multiculturalism is the wolf in sheep’s clothing expediting the process, and much of the world is ignorantly enjoying the ride in its proverbial handbasket—wondering where we’re going!

In Multiculturalism and Marxism: An Englishman Looks at the Soviet Origins of Political Correctness, Frank Ellis has it right,

Today of course, we are made to believe that diversity is strength, perversity is virtue, success is oppression, and that relentlessly repeating these ideas over and over is ‘tolerance and diversity.’ Indeed, the multicultural revolution works subversion everywhere, just as Communist revolutions did: judicial activism undermines the rule of law; ‘tolerance’ weakens the conditions that make real tolerance possible; universities, which should be havens of free inquiry, practice censorship that rivals that of the Soviets.

Political Correctness has run amok everywhere, though—not just on our university campuses. Even all of the Facebook memes decrying political expression are but another way to shame into silence those of us with a passion for the Truth. Perhaps worst of all, those who oppose Multiculturalism and its Siamese twin Progressivism are actually viewed as mentally unstable. Yup. Really.

I would like to strongly encourage free thinkers everywhere to studiously investigate the real roots of Multiculturalism, and repudiate its inherent repression before our country’s brain-washing is complete. Don’t accept the wart—or the bulbous monstrosity of Multiculturalism on which it sits. It’s just ugly . . . in every conceivable way; and a blight on the landscape of America.


Linda Hafer is a guest writer for The Systems Scientist. She is a grateful child of God, a wife, a musician, an avid student of Scripture; and both a pursuer of and crusader for Truth in all its contexts. Soli Deo Gloria

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