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Star Wars international box office decreases by 84 percent since The Force Awakens?


Table 1: Star Wars International Box Office: 2015 – Present

Star Wars Movies: International Box Office: Percent Change
Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens $1,122,000,000.00
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story $518,811,164.00 -53.8
Star Wars Ep. VIII: The Last Jedi $697,910,658.00 34.5
Solo: A Star Wars Story $172,445,036.00 -75.3
Total: $2,511,166,858.00
Average: $627,791,714.50
Minimum: $172,445,036.00
Maximum: $1,122,000,000.00
Ep. VII to Ep. VIII -37.8
Rogue One to Solo -66.8
Net Percent Change -84.6

(Source: the-numbers.com)


Data Notes:

  1. Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens, the first movie in the latest series, earned the most at the International Box Office; whereas, Solo: A Star Wars Story, the most recent movie in the series, earned the least at the International Box Office.
  2. The net percent change from Star Wars Ep. VII to Solo was -84.6 percent. In fact, the only positive percent change between movies was between Rogue One and Star Wars Ep. VII. 
  3. It should also be noted that the percent change between Ep. VII and Ep. VIII was -37.8 percent; and the percent change between Rogue One and Solo was -66.8 percent.


The overall trends in the most recent Star Wars movies demonstrate a considerable decrease in international box office earnings. Moreover, if these trends continue, then a reasonable forecast would likely predict that Star Wars Ep. IX will earn a little more than $434 million internationally, which would be an additional decrease of about 37.8 percent between Ep. VIII and Ep. IX and a total decrease of about 75.6 percent between Ep. VII and Ep. IX in box office earnings. In other words, the recent Star Wars movies could have reasonably made between $4.5 billion and $5.4 billion. Instead, the franchise will likely earn between $2.9 billion and $3.5 billion if the international box office maintains its current trajectory. 


Photo Credit: Millennium Falcon courtesy of BagoGames




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