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Politics blog: Cable ratings for 10/29/2018

On Monday, October 29th, Fox News beat cable news competitors MSNBC and CNN in viewership. During the day-time, Fox News had more than 1.9 million viewers; whereas, MSNBC had between 1.2 and 1.3 million and CNN had a little more than 840 thousand as illustrated in Graph 1.

And of the percent of total viewers, 47.8 percent of the more than 4 million viewers tuned into the conservative leaning station. Thus, Fox had 16.6 percent more viewers than MSNBC and 26.8 percent more viewers than CNN, according to Table 1. Further details of the day-time comparisons can be found in Graph 1 and Table 1.


Graph 1




Table 1


On October 29th, Fox News also took the prime-time crown. Thus, Fox News increased its viewership from more than 1.9 million viewers to more than 2.8 million viewers – a 49 percent increase. In addition, MSNBC and CNN also increased their respective viewership by considerable amounts.

It should be noted that the stations combined had more than 6 million viewers combined, which was 2 million more viewers than the day-time ratings. Details of the prime-time comparisons can be found in Graph 2 and Table 2.


Graph 2



Table 2




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