TSS Bloggers/Writers

Matt Johnson

  • Economics, Mathematics, and Science writer
  • Bachelor of Science, Systems Science
    • Specialization areas: Economic Systems and Applied Mathematics

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Robert J. Garrison

  • Politics and Religion writer
  • Master of Arts in Ministry, Pastoral Studies

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  1. Science, maths, economics, politics, and religion. I’d love to have coffee with you guys! Thanks for following my blog – I post my own science-inspired poetry, items on science news, and occasionally scifi book reviews – because I also write scifi stories that are more science than fantasy – what a friend calls “science faction.” 🙂 Please feel free to re-post.

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    • Hello, Kate! Thank you so much for visiting TSS again. And you’re welcome! We’re looking to build relationships with other bloggers. I’ve been to your site a few times and I really enjoy it. I also appreciate your background.

      Speaking of re-posting, we are looking to collaborate with other bloggers, specifically those practitioners in science, math, economics, politics, and religion and culture. If you would ever like to guest blog or visa versa, please let us know.

      We love coffee around here! And we would be happy to take you up on your offer. I’m sure the conversation and company would be great. 🙂



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