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Writing book reviews has become a bit of a side project for me. Originally, I did it for exercise. Reviewing a book, at least in my opinion, help me to analyze and understand the author’s thesis, arguments, and perspectives in greater depth. However, these reviews have become a way to engage with readers and other writers – science fiction authors to be specific.

Although I’m not focused solely on science fiction books, I have reviewed social justice books as well, the subject matter of science fiction has added a new component to my thinking as an urban dynamicist. It is helping me to think about science and mathematics in new ways. It is helping me to think aout cities, future cities, and cities on other planets in new and different ways. It’s exciting for a young scientist.

My next book review will be published on January 17th. The author of the book, Anthony Vicino, contacted me and asked me to review his science fiction book Time Heist. The perks of writing a book review for an author.

Until then, I invite you to read a couple of my reviews: The Martian by Andy Weir, Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait, and  The Content of Our Character by Shelby Steele.