Tycho City

What is Tycho City? Well the reference derives from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is a city that emerges on the moon between the years of 2069 and 2071 in that science fiction universe. But what does it mean here?

A Future, off Planet City

A Tycho City

As space drive technologies advance, for example the electromagnetic propulsion drive, or the EM Drive that was recently tested by NASA, humanity will be provided opportunities to colonize other planets. As a natural progression of the evolution of civilizations, human cities will emerge on other planets, dwarf planets, and moons.

As an example, Mars and Ceres will be the on the forefront of these possibilities. This is because missions to Mars are currently in the works and Ceres is a mineral and energy paradise for scientists, engineers, and business entrepreneurs. So the question is, where and how will these cities emerge and evolve on these planetary bodies?

Well, that will be the thesis and exploration of the pages A City on Mars, A City on Ceres, A city on Luna, and Exoplanets. This is what is meant by Tycho City; it is those cities on other planets, dwarf planets, and moons in this solar system. Would a Tycho City be those cities on other planets, dwarf planets, and moons in other solar systems on their respective planetary bodies – exoplanets?

I suppose keeping with the language of the astronomy community, those cities that reside on planetary bodies in other solar systems would be exo-cities.